Tuesday July 18
Start Time  
8am - 9:30am Sheep & Goat Arrival
9:30am Sheep & Goat Weigh In
11:00am Sheep & Goat Exhibitor Meeting
Noon Breeding Goat Show
  Breeding Sheep Show
6:00pm Market Goat Show
  Market Lamb Show
Wednesday July 19
Start Time  
10:00am Beef Arrival
10am - Noon Beef Weigh In
TBD Beef Exhibitor Meeting
2:00pm Breeding stock must be checked in
6:30pm Bucket Calf Show
7:00pm Rate of Gain Champion Parade
7:15pm Beef Show
Thursday July 20
Start Time  
8:00am Swine Arrival
8am - 10am Dairy Goat Arrival
8am - 11am Swine Weigh In
TBD Swine Exhibitor Meeting
12:30pm Dairy Goat Show
TBD Ag Olympics
6:00pm Swine Show
Friday July 21
Start Time  
8:00am-8:30am Rabbit & Poultry Arrival
9:00am Rabbit & Poultry Show
10:00am Master Showman
4:30pm Buyers Dinner
6:00pm Livestock Auction
  Animals are released after auction